[outdated] Zombies Bank Fix

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  • Black op II Zombies Bank Fix

    Developed by fed & DoktorSAS

    Through these files it will be possible to get the Zombies Server Bank Fully Working. Implementing the following scripts is very easy, in fact they are only two drag and drop files.

    • fed has dedicated himself to the IW4M plugin in C#
    • DoktorSAS has dedicated itself to the GSC part of the code and the logic of the script

    # Prerequisites

    • IW4M Admin: To have the bank running on a server you must have IW4M

    How this work?

    Everything is done to make it easy to understand the script. This script uses IW4M Admin to store bank information related to a specific user. When a player enters the game IW4M Admin takes the data and sends it to the GSC code that will transform the message of IW4M Admin in the value of the bank of the game. When the player will leave the game on the log file I will be written when the player remains in the bank and IW4M Admin will take this data and update the saved data.

    This is a bank fix the commands to withdraw or/and deposit they will never be implemented.

    How to use it?

    To implement these features takes two minutes, just follow this guide carefully and you will understand how to implement the bank on your servers.

    Step by step
    1. Download the compiled files and not the source code
    2. Take/Copy the BankFix.dll file and put it in the plugins folder of IW4M Admin
    3. Take/Copy the file _zm_banking.gsc and put it in the plutonium zombies folder. Follow the path t6r/maps/mp/ and if the zombies folder doesn't exist you create it and put the file in it, otherwise if the folder already exists you put directly in it.
    4. Start the server and start IW4M Admin and if you have done all the steps correctly then you will have the bank working

    How to disable bank print?

    1. Write on your .cfg file set bank_printing 0

    Video Preview

    Youtube Video


    Download the files from Github

    Source Code

    Download and/or read the source files from Github

    Use this forum post to report problems, also for code improvements and new features to implement
  • Fixed some of your spelling and the video embed.

  • @RezTech Thanks man, we hope plutonium Staff and server owners like this Release. We hope that this resource can help Staff and can help the server owners.

  • Awesome guys.

  • Does this work on tranzit?

  • @alex167g Yes, work in all map with the bank

  • This post is deleted!
  • Where exactly is the the .gsc file supposed to go? The server or the client? And the exact path?

  • @withmorten
    You can read everything in the folder.

    1. The file must be in the server
    2. the path is t6r\maps\mp\zombies\ ,if you don't have zombies folder just create a folder and call it zombies
  • Okay, so the path is


    Where t6_pluto is the root path of the BO2.

    Is that correct? It doesn't work ... i.e. the money messages don't get displayed.

    IW4M admin is running and monitoring the server, BankFix is also loaded.

  • @withmorten
    You need to put it in the server folder ( the server folder is a game folder)
    if you put set bank_print 0 in your .cfg the print thing will be disabled, if you write set bank_print 1 the message will be printed
    Form default the thing is off

  • By .cfg you mean the dedicated_zm.cfg?

    I just can't get it to work ๐Ÿ˜•

    I added this set bank_print 1 to the .cfg and it doesn't show up when I deposit money into the bank.

    Which version of IW4M Admin are you using? I'm using the latest pre release on github.

    Edit: I also don't see the messages in games_zm.log. So evidently I'm doing something wrong with loading the gsc. And I can't verify if it gets loaded using procmon, since plutonium apparently uses Themida ...

    To clarifiy:

    1. I have a black ops 2 client on one laptop. Does it need the banking gsc?

    2. I have the black ops 2 server on another laptop. It needs the banking gsc? The path would be G:\gameservers\t6_pluto\t6r\maps\mp\zombies.

    3. I have IW4MAdmin on the same laptop as the server. Does it need the banking gsc? The path would be G:\gameservers\IW4MAdmin-2020.10.25.13\GameFiles\PT6\t6r\data\maps\mp\zombies.

    4. IW4M successfully loads and even creates the bank.json, when using the older version, and writes that my playerid has 0 money.

    5. G:\gameservers\t6_pluto\t6r\data\logs\games_zm.log contains nothing about adding money to the bank or not. So the gsc propably does not get loaded. Can you copy & paste the path where your working gsc is located?

  • I fixed it. The path needs to be t6r/data/maps/mp/zombies. Additionally, according to gsc, the cfg setting is bank_printing (but I didn't get that to work). But the bank stored my money.

  • @withmorten If you are using the right gsc files just write set bank_printing 1 to make the message print

  • @Sorex I seem to have an issue with getting the bank to save a player's bank balance once the game has ended. Both the bank fix DLL file and the .GSC file are loading as both the plutonium T6 and IW4MAdmin server consoles both report successful imports. Also, I was able to configure the bank print to show a players balance once they put money into the bank.

    When I put a couple thousand points into the bank everything seems to work fine, the bank print reports the current balance as it should. The issue lies when I die/leave the game and start the match again. When I go to the bank again in the new match, I am unable to withdrawal any money. When I deposit money into the bank, the bank print just reports back the amount of money I just put in. The logs show an increase in my balance once I put money in, but once I start a new match the logs show my balance is zero.

    I have attached a section of my logs to this post. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


  • @Goobage
    The problem may be caused by iw4m not being able to read the data and save it, or iw4m not being able to send the data in time. I see that in the log the value of the bank is sent correctly but I also see that when you re-entered the value received is 0. So it may be your iw4m is not active or some other kind of problem. I use this script on my servers and it works.

  • @Sorex Ok, thank you very much for your input. I'll try messing around with IW4MAdmin some more.

  • @Sorex I reinstalled IW4MAdmin with a more basic configuration and also set the server IP to loopback and that fixed it for some reason. I look forward to being able to use the bank now, thank you for all of your work.

  • is this the command .w and .d or the in game bank?

  • @Roachhh
    No. This is a bank fix as you can see from the video. There no commands

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