Hey, i was banned yesterday while playing the games with my old friends. Staff please read! /Dino

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  • Hey, i was playing BO2 yesterday and had a blast and was nice getting back to the game after so many years. The problem is i woke up today and tried to get into the game to play some matches but it said i was banned, i really dont know how i got banned or why. Im 34 years old with kids and im just having some fun after my working hours, playing some black ops 2 and just relaxing. I really dont know why i was banned.. This isnt fair at all, i really dont like how i just got banned for literally no reason, never cheated or anything.

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  • Hello,

    Can you show me a screenshot of the message?
    With who did you play & what game? (Zombies or Multiplayer)
    What server did you play on?
    How long did you play for?

    Thank you,

  • I too was banned yesterday for no reason for a year. All I did was try to start BO2 zombies after a week and it says I'm banned.

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