False positive report.

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  • Could someone say if this is correct or false positive

  • @NukZey false positive.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Ok, it's a false positive, but what's make the av consider that plutoninum its that? Im not consider that has a virus, just want to understand this.

  • A thing called heuristics, which is a fancy word for "probability". There is no virus in Plutonium. There are way easier ways to spread viruses than to make a client, which is way more work than a virus would be worth. Use some logical thinking, please.

  • @Emosewaj tbf, remember CCleaner a few years ago? A trusted app that became infected, not because piriform wanted to infect peoples computers, but because hackers got in and injected their code into the installer. Not that I'm saying that's the case here.

    I have experience with false positives, but there are definitely circumstances where it COULD potentially be a real virus.

    Of course, there are a bunch of new threads mentioning this, so I would ofc suggest run a search through the forum first to see if a staff member has already said "its a false positive", or "we were unaware of this, thanks for bringing this to my attention"

    In any case, I can confirm the bootstrapper is working just fine.

    just my 2 cents, no offense meant in any way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @NukZey why tff would they even bother trying to make a client much less make it a torrent after piry.exe went offline like tf who would waste there time doing that to put some kind of virus i use bo2 and mw3 24/7 its perfectly fine to use

  • Well.. few things to say here.

    • Pluto's infrastructure is well secured and hasn't been hacked.
    • As mentioned already, there are easier ways to spread malware that don't include paying alot of money for infrastructure.
    • Many of those detections are just because it's unsigned (signing a program costs a ton of money which pluto doesn't have) or it behaves in a suspicious manner for example by updating itself.
    • A Plutonium user has informed kaspersky about this detection, they checked pluto and found it was indeed a false positive. Kaspersky no longer detects it now.

    But on the other hand i always find it funny when people ask pluto staff if their software is malware, why would we tell you if it was?

  • @Dss0 all 4 points you mention are correct, I agree with everything you are saying, and I'm aware Pluto is secured well.

    your last line there though, I'm dying because of how true that is. THIS IS A VIRUS PLS DL RIGHT NOW hahaha

  • @NukZey they also tell you it will be detected as a trojan before you download it unless you didnt read it

  • Yea but still it's a big inconvenience having to exclude the bootstrapper from scanning. We are working on it and hopefully that will not be necessary in the future.

  • I hope so aswell it is a shame that people do not know to read simple things like 100 different forum posts asking this question

  • yep, welcome to the internet hahaha
    I work in tech support and deal with that alllll the time. I answer the same handful of questions like 10 times a day, and all things you could just google and find the answer in 2 seconds. Last week I had to explain what the start menu on windows was to someone.

    people who actually research at all are very rare, I find

    btw, my fav website that Im obviously not allowed to use at work, but I love anyway is lmgtfy.com

  • Locking this post. Read the staff replies, the detection is a false positive nothing more.

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