Banned While at Work?

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  • Hello there, i was banned this morning for a week im assuming by the new anti cheat system and i have no idea why. I played plutonium yesterday for a couple hours with a buddy on a custom zombies game and even then i didn't do anything that would cause me to get banned. the discord says i was banned at 10:30 this morning but i was at work during this time and my computer was turned off.

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  • That's impossible. You or someone else must have logged in to your account at that time and cheat, the anti-cheat doesn't randomly ban random users.

  • As the friend he was playing with and long time IRL friend i can confirm he never came online, he also lives alone so no one else had access to his pc and he was not cheating in the private lobby i hosted yesterday (we played horribly). It was our first time playing bo2 using plutonium and we didnt have long as he had to be up for work the following morning

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  • damn

  • Can anything be done about this issue?

  • Your claims do not match with the logs on the backend.

    On Oct 16, 2020 @ 11:27 (the actual time might be different due to timezones.) you logged in to the game
    You started playing a Private Match on T6 Zombies.
    Few minutes later you injected something in your game, in the private match. This caused you to get banned.

    This ban cannot be caused by anyone else. The IP address matches the range of your login history on the forum.

  • Can you confirm which timezone that is in and if its AM or PM, because unless your 12 hours in front that still wont make sense to the times he could have logged in, Also could you maybe tell me what the process was that was injected as this could be a potential issue with the pc (virus, etc) unless you can confirm from the process name thats its a known cheat.

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  • It is CEST, 11 AM. I will not hand out other information. Random injections do not get you banned. I don't think it is a potential issue with your computer, I am sure it was an actual attempt to hack or to use a mod menu locally. If you want to play with mods that have to be injected, always start the game in LAN mode as stated by our anti-cheat policy.

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