How can I verify my user if I get, an error when starting the launcher that says that it is unable to create textures

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    is that the first time I started the launcher it gave me this error, and I was wondering if another way to verify the user. If so, I would appreciate that you help me.

  • @Manu12 this means your graphics card does not support dx11 (on a hardware level, doesn't matter if dx11 is installed on your pc or not). There is a workaround that some people have reported as working:

    • Download this file
    • Run it
    • Click "Edit List..."
    • Click the three dots right of the "enter a process or folder name" field and select "plutonium-launcher-win32.exe" located in "C:\Users\al\AppData\Local\Plutonium\bin"
    • tick the "force warp" checkbox and select "11_0" from the "feature level limit" dropdown menu
    • hit ok and try launching the plutonium launcher
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