Customize bots?

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  • Any way to customize the bots? I know I can spawn them with spawnbot xx, but is there a way to spawn bots only on one team, or set the difficulty of the bots? Any kind of customization options like that?

  • I would like to know too

  • Type: bot_difficulty (0-3)

    0- Recruit
    1- Regular
    2- Hardened
    3- Veteran

    Then type spawnbot xx, you need to enter the command before spawning the bots.

  • @Murmur there also command "bot_enemies ××" and "bot_friends ××", that help you to spawn bots in one team. This commands can be typed in lobby before "xpartygo", but to set their difficulty you need to type "bot_difficulty" on load screen or type it in match and set "map_restart".

  • @IKennyAgain "bot_enemies x" and "bot_friends x" don´t work properly, it just spawns 5 bots in my team and 6 bots in the other team. I have set "bot_enemies" to 8 and "bot_friends" to 3. I want uneven teams because you can´t even choose different difficulty levels for the own team and the enemy team (like Bot Warfare). BO1 and BO2 support bots out of the box but are so limited wtf

  • @LeRutY dont worry, since BO2 is opened to gsc, INeedBots already working on bot warfare for all plutonium games. no info on releases tho

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