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  • hey, it would be nice if you add a favourite servers option

  • that would be an awesome feature, right now you can only join custom games from the friends section of the server browser. If a fav server list was built in, I wouldn't need to keep reading my external IP to my friends each time, making sure they put in all the spaces and dots, port number, etc

    good idea momo

  • @thebx2 You don't need to read off any of your information already, just use the Friends List

  • @luigistyle thanks, I did try about a week or so ago, and it worked for custom games, but not my server.

    I'd be fine with that, but some of my mods don't appear in game in unless I use the server, and I'm not certain but pretty sure that if I were to close my game while my friends are still it, it would boot them out since I'm leading the session. I like the way the server works, where I can leave and join my game at will without affecting everyone else.

    This works for me, for now anyway, its not really thaaat big of a deal.

    cheers buddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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