My game crashed and then I got banned

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  • Basically what the title says, my game crashed and when I logged back on I had a 7 day ban. I tried going on another account (this one) and then that one got banned for 14 days.

  • Some more information, I might know why I got banned. I was trying to achieve some memory addresses with cheat engine. I normally always do this on LAN mode with anticheat disabled. But I think I forgot to turn it off this time because it always on default sets back to enabled when you re-open the launcher. Could you guys maybe make it so if you turn LAN mode ON that it will stay ON untill you turn it OFF? That would save a lot of time especially with getting banned...

  • @jjk Yea that'll be the reason. The color and text of the button changes when you play in lan mode so it's extremely easy to notice, i see no reason to change that.
    Wait till the ban expires.

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