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  • Image bug, not all image get loaded

    I want tell about this problem of plutonium bo2, not all image can be loadaded on game and thats is weird because i made a few mapvote and on redacted everything work right on pluto not all work correctly.

    Thats ca be a problem, because i know about an exploit working with image memory, i hope Dev solve it on one of the next updates

    This is redacted

    This is pluto

  • I'll ask Rektinator to take a look after the IW5 release, it's probably just the GSC backend not bringing stuff through.

  • We don't do anything else but pass the GSC file to the game.
    Since I don't know your code and you didn't share it my guess is that you have to pre-cache the images. Your screenshots are on 2 totally different maps so that's not a valid comparison as well.

  • @Xerxes I test it on same maps on redatced and on pluto i used precachemodel( "menu_zm_popup" ); to load border image, nothing change on pluto dont load anything, if u want i can make screen or i can share to u code in private, but only in dm. If u want mine discord name is Sore#1141

  • @Sorex try precaching ALL the images for your mapvote menu instead of having the defined level.mapvote get precahched. even if they aren't used that game, it should still work with no issues

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