Black Ops 2 Origins Lightning Staff Not Upgradeable

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  • Hey guys, first of all I'm new here and wanna say huge thank you to Plutonium for being awesome and making co-op BO2 zombies possible. My brother and I are having a great time playing together and it wouldn't be possible without the great work of plutonium.

    Second, I just wanna share that in origins the lightning staff sadly glitched for us and we couldn't upgrade it and therefore we couldn't do the easter egg of the map. It happened only once so far but to be honest making it so far and having it glitch was disappointing for us. We'll try again and see if it glitches again so I can't yet say this glitch is constant, but I'll keep this thread updated. We were playing on custom games connected via LAN (same wifi).

    In the meantime let me share a video showing the glitch. (If it's not a glitch I do apologize for the misunderstanding. As far as I know the lightning is supposed to go away from the chords after some time. I tried shooting the other chords and I tried everything I could think of - no progress sadly).

  • @kamaltehbeast hey man I know this was like a year ago but my friends and I are also experiencing the same thing but I was able to fully upgrade on original mode instead of easy(poggers) but we’ve also learned that you cannot play buried easy mode with more than 2 people. Doubt you know the answer but we’re you playing on easy? That answer will just confirm my theory.

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