Loading GSC Scripts [Help]

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  • Hey guys,

    I have already installed IW4M Admin and have been trying to load custom GSC Scripts. With the tutorial [Tutorial] Loading Custom Scripts - Drgn I successfully loaded the example script, but I fail at the Trickshot Menu Base from DoktorSAS Menu Base - Doktor SAS.

    So in the t6r\data Folder I have created maps\mp\gametypes

    Inside the eengineBaseMenu.rar are 3 Files
    I edited the func.gsc and put my XUID in the Host line
    What I have to do next?

    I thought that I have to compile those gsr files (like in the tutorial) and copy n paste this files to the gametypes folder. I did it and got an error from console error

    Thanks for help

  • @Babascorners Sorry for repond now but my account have problems. When u put the id in case "yourid" you are ready to use the mods, if u use gsc studio export the project and call it _clientids.gsc if put all content of the gsc files in one txt files and use the tool to convert it into a gsc. For any kind of porblems repond and tag mine name with @Sorex . Have a great day

  • Thank you @Sorex !

    Finally I successfully loaded the Script.
    Can you tell me how to open the menu ingame?

    Have a great day too!

  • @Sorex a big thank you! I found out how to open the menu. ๐Ÿ™‚

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