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  • Why is it not possbile to play plutonium on windows 7 i just am wondering for some reason?

  • It isn't even supported by Microsoft anymore, considered EOL and might have a ton of unpatched vulns, so why should Pluto support it? Not sure why're you still on win7.

  • Im not i was just wondering because windows 7 is better because of the more recent updates with windows 10 causes issues

  • @Acrillx then don't install them, you can set your update channel on win10 to semi annual. "It's better" is not really an argument, it's an opinion. I agree that the consumer version of win10 has some annoying features but pretty much all of them can be disabled through one way or another.
    If you're an advanced user i'd recommend installing win10 ltsc, doesn't have the play store and adware crap, i'd use that over win7 any day.

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