Where can i get the bank mod for dedicated servers??

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  • I’m trying to asking... if there are some MOD or script for the banks On dedicated servers (of Green run-Tranzit, Die rise or Buried) that can i use the same bank with my money that i have in the lan party’s bank at Radmin or hamachi, on my own dedicated server..., not only myself, All player or client that join in my server.
    I readen something for the forum that says “Save and load” but actually it is for Mp, and I already saw something like “infinite money at the bank” but there not what i’m asking for... or in the case that this ones mods can i do it again, or do something like I’m searching, it can work for me.

    (Sorry if you’ll can’t understand something, my english is not very well, just toldme if you don’t understand something).

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