How to remove or add weapons to the mystery box in zombie. ! Help GSC

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  • Someone who knows how to remove weapons or add new ones to the mystery box in zombie

  • @Kalitos Each map has its own weapons built in to the map so your limited to whats actually in the map to put in the box.
    Each map has its own map script called zm_"mapname".gsc in maps/mp its where a ton of the map specific stuff is determined.
    If you want to change what weapons are included in the map you would use this function override:

    level._zombie_custom_add_weapons = ::custom_add_weapons;

    and include all the add_zombie_weapon() from the map .gsc inside of it.

    if you change the function slightly you can include paped weapons in the map for box purposes like this:

    add_zombie_weapon( "m1911_zm", "m1911_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_M1911", 50, "", "", undefined );


    add_zombie_weapon( "m1911_upgraded_zm", "undefined", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_M1911", 50, "", "", undefined );

    Now the actual function that includes the weapon in the box is this function:

    include_weapon( "m1911_upgraded_zm", 1 );

    Setting the 1 to a 0 or not defining its value will change its box status. If its 1 its included, 0 or undefined not included.

  • @JezuzLizard I understand, then. If what I want is to remove weapons from the box, I just have to remove the lines where I define the weapons that I do not want to be in the box, right? Something like this : "Taken from ... \ zm_buried.gsc"

    gametype = getDvar( "ui_gametype" );
        add_zombie_weapon( "m1911_zm", "m1911_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_M1911", 50, "", "", undefined );
        add_zombie_weapon( "rnma_zm", "rnma_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_RNMA", 50, "pickup_six_shooter", "", undefined, 1 );
        add_zombie_weapon( "judge_zm", "judge_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_JUDGE", 50, "wpck_judge", "", undefined, 1 );
        add_zombie_weapon( "kard_zm", "kard_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_KARD", 50, "wpck_kap", "", undefined, 1 );
        add_zombie_weapon( "fiveseven_zm", "fiveseven_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_FIVESEVEN", 50, "wpck_57", "", undefined, 1 );
        add_zombie_weapon( "beretta93r_zm", "beretta93r_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_BERETTA93r", 1000, "", "", undefined );
        add_zombie_weapon( "fivesevendw_zm", "fivesevendw_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_FIVESEVENDW", 50, "wpck_duel57", "", undefined, 1 );
        add_zombie_weapon( "ak74u_zm", "ak74u_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_AK74U", 1200, "smg", "", undefined );
        add_zombie_weapon( "mp5k_zm", "mp5k_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_MP5K", 1000, "smg", "", undefined );
        add_zombie_weapon( "pdw57_zm", "pdw57_upgraded_zm", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_PDW57", 1000, "smg", "", undefined );
        if ( gametype == "zcleansed" )
            add_zombie_weapon( "qcw05_zm", undefined, &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_QCW05", 50, "wpck_chicom", "", undefined, 1 );

    I would only be allowing the weapons that I define here, and the rest that are not contemplated would not be in the box '

  • @Kalitos What you do is tweak the value of

    include_weapon( "weaponname", 1 )

    and set it to 0 this will remove it from the box.

    Also I had forgotten if the value is not defined it is included by default actually.

  • @JezuzLizard So from the following example:

    init (){
    include_weapons ();
    include_weapons ()
    // other include_weapon
    include_weapon ("lsat_zm", 1);
    include_weapon ("dsr50_zm", 0);

    this, what it would do is include the "lsat" weapon in the mystery box and the "dsr50" weapon would remove it from it. ?

  • @Kalitos Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Just so you know setting include_weapon() to not include something in the box doesn't always work, I tried it with emps before and they would still appear in the box.

  • @JezuzLizard Do you know where can i find those"zm_"mapname".gsc" scripts for each map?

  • Im aware im a bit late to the game, but would this mean that if I were to use this, and include "blundergat_zm", would i be able to use the blendergat in transit?

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