Plutonium Folder Files

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  • I was just wondering if the files held inside the plutonium folders hold any sensitive information? My friend is having a lot of plutonium issues so I'm just gonna give him my folder, but I want to know if there is any information that I would want to keep to myself that can be leaked.

  • In my own experience, tha only thing i noticed in trasfering my plutonium data (both game and %localappdata% file was that when one of us disconnect from a zombie server, all the other get timed out. I suppose that there's a unique ID (it should be unique) that causes this thing, cause when you disconnect, you disconnect both ID and IP; disconnecting the ID kick everything with the same ID from the server.

  • @Joemama42069 don't give him the plutonium clientfiles from appdata, that will cause issues. You can share the game files with him, those only hold your configs (in the players folder).

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