Bo2 crash

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  • I open the game from the launcher it goes to a high resolution and i can only see DOWLOADING PLAYLIST and i can hear the Bo2 theme song and then it just crashes no error msg or anything and it closes everything any help?

  • Crash as in it's just black screen and you can still hear the ingame sounds in the background or crash as in "Plutonium ran into some error" and generates a crashdump? If it's the first, try writing r_fullscreen 0 then vid_restart in the external console (bootstrapper cmd window). If it's the second, hard to say what could cause that, do you have any overlays or any programs that might be interfering with pluto, running in the background? If yes, quit/disable them.

  • No overlap apps, and this didnt fix my problem idk? If you want we can meet on discord i can screenshare you my problem i dont know what it is?

  • @HannesC said in Bo2 crash:

    vid_restart It creates this error message? i tryed r_fullscreen and vid_restart but still nothing

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