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  • I did an old topic like 40 minutes ago to tell the staff that i got banned for apparently no reason, the topic was this :"dear staff, today i got banned for 14 days cause i used a dll hack in a custom games with bot, i didn't go online to bother other player so why ban me and even for 14 days? I started the game in Lan mode. I don't think using hack on bots in lan is a problem, so i'm asking if you can unban me. Thanks". Then the staff said that i can't got banned in lan, but i still got you can do control even in my pc, i even usually play zombie so you can ban me from multi if you want. I repeat that i used the hack for fun and in lan with bots, cause i know how frustraiting is getting killed by an hacker. You can inspect my games online and even in zombie, to se that I don't use hack, and i never used them in online. It was even my first time getting banned but still 14 days. i admit that i tried to bypass the ban (because it was a nosense one) and got banned for another 7 days.( i know i'm an idiot)You can blame me for trying to bypasss the ban, but don't tell me that I used hack in online game. Please remove the ban because it's a wrong one. Even only play in Lan mode is good for me. (because like i said before i play zombies a lot)

  • @Yin-AwaK Private Match does not mean LAN Mode

    LAN Mode means you chose that mode from the launcher. Which also clearly shows that the anticheat would be disabled in this mode.

    Chances are, you thought playing private match would be considered offline and got banned. Next time make sure to launch in LAN Mode on the launcher to guarentee not getting banned when trying to "mess around" with cheats.

  • @Yin-AwaK why do you think creating further topics will increase your chances of getting unbanned? Nobody said you cheated, you simply tried to modify game memory. Doesn't matter if you did that in order to use a mod menu, inject camos or do whatever else.

    the following answer is final:
    wait till your ban expires.


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