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  • So I've been texturing and stuff since the Redacted days, and I've always had a problem with Tom's exporter, where any texture without the correct name (a string of numbers) wouldn't load in the game, and there's no way to find the original name without reverse engineering the whole ipak file like Tom did.

    Any chance anyone either has these texture names, or some other work around, that will let us reskin these textures?


    Example screenshot^ all these textures can't be loaded without the original names. I think there are a few Weaponized files in there, Afterlife, the AW pre-order camo, and a few camo previews and map previews.

    ty ❤

  • @115sparkles Look it up that should be good enough

  • @115sparkles Use Greyhound to export the .ipak files. It should keep the proper file names as far as i know

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