Playing original game through steam.

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  • I couldn't find another post about this but how do you play the original game. I'm trying to play survival with my friend but MW3 just closes itself after starting the single player exe. I know it's a problem with plutonium because I never had this problem before. I don't want to uninstall plutonium to fix this.

  • You can just download two different base game files, one remains in

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

    and the other one wherever you want.

  • Uhh I think pluto deletes the steam_api.dll file, not sure though. Verify integrity of files through steam then you should be able to play sp again. And as Maverick said above ^ , you could just create another MW3 folder for pluto, select that in game settings of the launcher and not touch the steam installation.

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