Maps not working and crashing

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  • I did not have the real version of bo2 and am just using the plutonium version so maybe this is why, but certain maps cause my game to crash. This is not limited to dlc maps. Standoff, slums, plaza as well as the dlc map studio cause my game to crash upon loading into the game on the black screen. This occurs both in custom sand online multiplayer using the pluto servers for the same map. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it?

  • @ThatsCap several other maps as well but these are the ones I can remember cause my game to crash

  • It's 100% not related to the files that plutonium staff provided us, i'm playing with that daily and never had problem. Try re downloading the files.

  • Well usually when there's a black screen, you should be able to alt tab out and see if there's any errors displayed on the BO2 console? If there is, please screenshot it. If you followed our official guide and grabbed the torrent we link there, its highly unlikely that your files are missing/corrupted. Try right clicking torrent -> force recheck.

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