No servers are showing

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  • i just downloaded the game and when i go to the servers tab no servers load i am from Australia does it have to do with my location or? does anyone have a fix ive tried moving the game from {D} drive to {C} drive makes no difference thanks.

  • AFAIK dude, it kinda depends on your internet stability. It does not matter if you have a very good connection or a bad one. Pluto servers are working fine however, it all comes down to the user (you). However, I do have some suggestions:

    • When you enter the pluto menu, hit "Continue to main menu" then hit "Esc" to go back to pluto menu and open "server browser".
    • Keep hitting refresh as many times as you can until you see the server browser.
    • Try typing something in filter and clear it.
    • Allow private/public connections via windows firewall.

    Try doing any of these solutions that I've mentioned. As I said, your internet must be stable to fetch Pluto servers.

  • Try restarting your router. It's likely due to the fact that the serverlist call is timing out partly due to your location and partly to do with poor internet.

  • @OISHI Hey mate I literally made an account just to reply to this. I have the same issue, also from Australia. Something tells me its a network provider thing (NAT type idk). Ive gotten it to work twice, connected once. Just by luck pretty much. I was alt tabbed, next minute, servers galore. Tried every troubleshooting method under the sun. Ill let you know if anything changes for me or if I find a permanent fix.

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