ADS Sensitivity Broken

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  • Is there any way to have it so when you ADS, sensitivity gets lowered like it does in the normal version? When I ADS the sensitivity is the same as if I was holding the gun at the hip.

  • @mcat115 I'm pretty sure that ADS sensivity is 0.5 the hipfire one. Btw it has been reported to staff some times ago, and they said in IW5 is already set 1:1, they're gonna port it for BO2 too.

  • @Maverick_ thanks for your response. For me right now it’s a 1 to 1 ratio in black ops 2. Are you saying they’re going to fix this this in black ops 2, or add a 1 to 1 ratio to mw3? If it’s already supposed to be a .5 to 1 ratio in bo2, how do I fix it?

  • On bo2 it's not a 1:1, with my sensivity i'm doing a 360 in 19-20 cm, while ads in the same space i do maximum a 180.

  • @Maverick_ for me that’s not the case, ads and hip have the same sensitivity. Do you know how to fix this? I reset settings to default and it didn’t work.

  • afaik:
    in iw5 ads sensitivity is fov-dependent and there is also a dvar to set the ads multiplier.
    in t6 it is unchanged from the steam version of the game and there are no plans to change it (atleast it's not on the todo list).

  • @Dss0 I have the steam version but the ads is still broken. When I download the game normally from steam it works fine, but in plutonium the sensitivity doenst change when I ads. Do you have any idea how to fix this issue?

  • @mcat115 no, i can't reproduce this either.

  • In bo2 it depends on fov. The larger the difference between hipfire fov and ads fov, the lower the ads sens will be. so to increase it you would need to lower your fov and/or use guns with higher ads fov, like smgs (excluding peacekeeper) with ironsights.
    It would be great if fovscale gets to work.

    @mcat115 do you play on 65 fov? in that case the fov difference is small and so will the sens difference be

  • @Pope-Tupung-Brei wow, thank you! I do play on 65, but I I switched it higher, set it back to 65, and now it’s normal! Idk what happened but thank you for mentioning that. Even if that’s not what you meant to happen just saying it made me mess around with it and now it’s fixed, you saved me from having to delete and reinstall which woulda been a headache as I’m trash at computer stuff.

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