MW3 Crashing mid-game

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  • As the title says my game crashes mid-game always. I'm able to start the game, join a server and play a minute or two before the game decides to freeze suddenly and I have to use task manager to close the game. Can someone help me out?

  • Did you get some kind of error log?
    Have you followed step by step the installation guide or have you used some other basefile/repack?
    Also, what are you pc specs?

  • @Maverick_ I don't get any error log whatsoever. I followed the guide step by step, downloaded the MW3 dedicated server from steam and also the DLC. Everything was Installed right with no error. My specs are an i3 8130u with intel uhd 620 graphics card and 4gb ram. The game runs perfectly fine at around 50-55 fps in low mid settings with no stutter.

  • Can you check if the temperatures while playing are really high?

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