Does this client support the FitGirl Repack?

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  • so me n my buddies all downloaded the fitgirl repack of bo2, and it took us a long time to download AND install before we realized that hamachi-LAN wouldnt work. we saw that plutonium has server support so it should def be possible to do this.

    our problem is: our internet connection isnt the best, so we dont really want to redownload everything. could we just download the client and use the install we already have? we got bo2 from here:

    <link removed by staff>

  • yes it does

  • Ehh technically you can, but just verify your installation first. Do what the installation guide tells you to do, but point the download to your bo2 folder instead, and deselect "create subfolder". That should verify and skip over whatever you have and download anything you don't have. Also only reason I'm mentioning this way are because their repacks are usually clean, last I saw or else I would ask you to do a clean install if it was any other repack (nosteam/skidrow).

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