plutonium crashes every time i launch it.

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  • i have made multiple forum posts on attempting to fix it. i have tried all the "common fixes" to the similar issues people have. such as, but not limited to: uninstalling/reinstalling, using a legitimate steam copy of black ops 2 to launch with plutonium, reinstalled all directX, etc.

    i have the crash ".dmp" file that i got in the error message which i tried to upload to this post but it wont let me upload due to file limit. please help, i really miss playing black ops 2. this issue has been ongoing for months.

  • any help whatsoever would be nice.

  • @anavrin how many posts are you going to make about this? In your previous ones staff already told you every possible known solution to this issue, if all of those didn't solve it then you're just out of luck.
    Reinstall windows as a last resort.

    /locked since this is the 3rd post with the same content, keep using the topics you already created instead.

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