Black ops 2 keeps crashing, tried everything

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  • [0_1605649280348_plutonium-r1065-2020-11-15_01-35-15.txt](Uploading 100%)
    crash id: 9b37cbdfa70a56aa
    This is what the client told me to post. The game has an issue of going black and not letting me alt-tab back into the game. Have tried using r_fullscreen and vid_restart but those commands just make the game crash. Have reinstalled redist and direct x but still doesn't work. Hardware isn't an issue as the game doesn't take that much power to run.

  • r_fullscreen 0 right? Then vid_restart? Alternatively you could try r_mode 1920x1080 and vid_restart - just replace 1920x1080 with your resolution. Also are all of your drivers updated?

  • @HannesC Thanks, I'll try that command next time and manually update my drivers. Will report back if the problem persists

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