Play time counting on Steam?..

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  • That is actually not a big of a problem (and hopefully i won't stumble upon that kind in the future), but is it possible to enable Play time counting for my Steam profile while i play BO2 via Plutonium? Y'know, for my self-affirmation.


    It is all counted actually, but just as i reboot my steam - playtime gets reversed to vanilla state. Is there something i can do?

  • Afaik it's not possible, since the game is detected as "Plutonium T6" (also by discord), and there's no way to make it detected as the original game. You can add Plutonium bootstrapper as a non-Steam game and you can have that hours counter.

  • that's so weird because when using plutonium T5 (WaW), i added the plutonium.exe shortcut into the steam waw folder, i renamed the plutonium.exe as the World at War.exe and when in steam i start waw it actually starts plutonium and counts hours etc as if i really launched the right exe
    That means the plutonium devs did that on purpose ? Since it works fine with AT LEAST waw (havent tried with the others)

  • @Zombieteube Awhile back I was getting cards and playtime for BO2 multiplayer, but that stop working shortly after I noticed it so I assumed they broke it.

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