How to repair your T6 Installation

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  • In this guide i'll be showing you how to repair your T6 Installation.


    • QBittorrent
    • Basic knowledge of the windows folder structure


    • Download this torrent file and open it in qbittorrent
    • You will be prompted with an overview of the files the torrent contains, select your t6 game folder as the download location

    alt text

    • Next comes the most important step: Select "don't create subfolder" from the "content layout" dropdown menu (in older versions of qbitorrent this will be a checkbox called "create subfolder" or "keep top-level folder" which you have to untick)

    alt text

    • Hit ok to start the verification/download process, QBittorrent will now check the files in your game folder against the ones in the torrent and download missing or mismatching ones
    • As soon as the download reached 100% and the status "seeding" it is complete and can be removed from QBittorrent (right click -> delete).

    Congratulations, your game files should now be repaired.

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