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  • ClanTagRank

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    This C++ plugin for Plutonium t6mp, t6zm, and iw5.
    the function of this plugin is to allow the clan tag to be set through rcon/console.

    This can be paired with SetClanTagCommands to grab the iw4m-admin permission level name (Owner, Admin, etc) or a custom tag for a client, and set it as their clan tag in game.

    The name is based on its original use case of working together with ClanTagRankCommands, but it is not required, and is easy to implement with your own ideas.


    • setclantag <client slot> <clantag name> : set a single client's clan tag
    • setclantags <clantag name> : set all clients' clantag in the lobby
    • setclantagraw <client slot> <clantag name> : same as setclantag, but allow raw strings to be set as clantags (allows things like color codes)
    • setclantagsraw <clantag name> : same as setclantags, but allow raw strings to be set as clantags



    • Download the latest ClanTagRank.dll from the release page, and place it in your server's plugin folder.

      • for t6: in your server folder under .\t6r\data\plugins
      • for iw5: %localappdata%\Plutonium\Storage\iw5\plugins
    • if you want to pair it with iw4m-admin, download ClanTagRankCommands.dll (from https://github.com/INSANEMODE/ClanTagRankCommands ) in your Iw4m-admin folder under ./Plugins

    • everything is now handled through rcon, so there is no longer a need to set your iw4m-admin url in the config file. it can be safely deleted.

    Additional Optional Files/Programs

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