I got banned but I don't have the balls to be honest about it!!!!!!!

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  • So, I came online and after 5 MInutes I got banned, I was playing Raid with AN 94 and Dragon Cammo.

    Staff told me to put as much detail into this since I say this is wrong.
    I don't have any hacks, and I was playing Raid, it was a Hardcore game.
    I was even second on leaderbord with maybe like 23 kills or something and 11 or 12 Deaths since I last checked it, I walk to mid, from down to up the stairs and I randomly get banned. I was on the stairs at that moment. I'm putting all that details in here, because maybe someone else ever got banned because of this and it is maybe a bug???

    Staff in Discord said I have used an Injector or something, But I didn't do this.
    I came to download this game like 4 Days ago because I wanted to play a new game.
    And now I have this....
    Could this please be resolved, I explained everything I could do, And I haven't used any hack client.

    The name I got banned on was Nicolas8400, and because I thought this was a joke or something, or just something not right, I instantly made a new account named, Nicolas8k400 but it also got banned then???.....

    Please take care of this, I haven't done anything wrong, I swear...


  • I also want to add, I only had Google Chrome open with Youtube and Music, Greetings

  • And I see alot of other posts about people getting denied because logs say it injected something .
    I don't have any Injector neither why would I use it in a hardcore game or just in general, you can ask all the other players in the lobby I haven't used hacks...
    I was 23 on 11 or something and hacking is no fun.

  • Anti-cheat bans are done automatically. Your second account got banned because our systems detect it as "trying to circumvent the ban" which is also explained in our anti-cheat policy. I checked the logs and they're not out of the ordinary, meaning you clearly cheated. Your appeal has been rejected and you will have to wait for your ban time to be over. Second ban will be permanent.

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