Game crashes in the middle of the map (Origins)

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  • Hello, I would like to ask for help regarding an issue I've been facing commonly lately. I usually have it happen if I play on Origins for some time and get stuff done like completing steps for the EE or upgrading staves etc, the game suddenly freezes, minimizes, I can still hear the ingame sounds in the background of me moving and shooting and the zombies, then I die because I can't go back into the game, eventually it displays this error and the error codes in the minidump unknown.png unknown2.png

    At first I thought that it could be due to my hardware because my PC isn't that good, but then I found out several other people with much better PCs have the same issue happening. It also only happens on Origins now so there's that too. Is there any way to fix this ? Thank you.

  • I'm having the same problem in origins and mob of the death. please help

  • @Yaguarete It happened to me on Mob too 5 mins ago, I was playing Solo and got a lot of stuff done like getting PAPed guns and the Golden Spork etc and it happened again. It really seems to be random at times.

  • @Ne0n Yes, i don't want to play because i don't want to lose all my progress in the match

  • e600f046-e0a4-4a2c-99d9-edb24d3e7303-image.png

    I got the error again, some help? if is here the map is because the screen was frozen

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