Randomly crashing in Tranzit while travelling the fog

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  • I've crashed 3 times at random times while travelling the fog in a dedicated server, the number of players doesn't matter as it happened either with only me and a friend, or with 7 other random players. very often I can play for hours with no crashes, but rarely I or others crash randomly. It doesn't happen if using the bus or staying at safe areas. I'm unsure why it does that, these random crashes also happens to my friends and to random players (I see them timing out after 15-20 seconds with 999 ping).

    The only overlay that is active is Steam, could it be the cause of it?

    Here's the 3 crashdumps that were created: https://mega.nz/file/wl4CVShS#cLuT_-Ll6qY3-Pa4Y7mH1w5ZPnZIcymR5vJI0N6E9F8

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