LAN mode -> Online (to reach Custom Game) -> Stuck on CTOS

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  • Hi guys, as I posted in the title, when I want to get to 'Custom Game' the window 'Connecting to online service' freezes for a while and shows 'The server is not available. Try again later.'

    This doesn't happen in my other PC.

    All ports forwarded, and even using DMZ on the machine's IP.

    Any ideas?


  • Nailed it! Sharing my solution:

    1. Download the file for setting up a server:

    1. Extract the files in a sub-folder of your Plutonium installation. Let's say is ./t6_pluto.

    2. Create a server in

    3. Edit ./t6_pluto/!start_zm_server.bat and add the key. Also set the correct path in 'set gamepath.'

    4. Run ./t6_pluto/!start_zm_server.bat and then plutonium.exe. Select LAN Mode. Press F10 to get rid of the servers window and then hit the tilde key (~).

    5. Execute '/connect localhost:<port>', where <port> is the one indicated in the console window (just switch with ALT+TAB).

    6. Leave the game. You should now be in the lobby and able to join games. But just to be sure, exit the game, re-enter in LAN Mode, and choose 'Online'. If you're able to select 'Custom Games' you should join sessions successfully with '/connect masterIP:4976'.

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