How can I play offline?

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  • I wanted to play the game on a car ride.
    I tried just using the launcher, but it prompts me to log in.
    I then tried launching it directly by command prompt using this: "plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe /app "C:\Users\morgo\AppData\Local\Plutonium\games\t6zm.exe" -lan"
    But then it tells me it's unable to load binary into memory.
    Is there an offline mode on the launcher that I'm missing?
    Am I inputting the command wrong/using the wrong program? (morgo is my username btw)

    Edit: Yes I put the command prompt into admin mode

  • @MorgonS9 no, you need an internet connection to play pluto.

  • knowing game totally supports offline play but you can't play it without internet is kinda frustating, it's like doom eternal, game is singleplayer but you need internet to play

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