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  • Hello Plutonium community, recently I googled "What should I eat today google, Chimken or BUrger????". Google is only programmed to give me choices on what restaurants are near me and where they are based on a 10 mile (16km) radius from my location. So far, google has not been programmed to pick for me and I was thinking if google tells me if I should eat either chimken or bur, it would be nice. Look, I know what you are thinking "Why do you want a robot to choose for you???" To answer that question, I'll let you know that I am a free thinker, open-minded. I never let someone think for me or influence my responses unless I have no knowledge on that specific topic. Since I have a history of going out to places where I am very familiar, giving google the privilege to tell me if I should eat either chimken or burbur would save time on very occasional moments where I want google to tell me if I should eat chim or borg. However, this post is not about programing google, but rather give an opinion to me if I should eat chimmey or brug.

    I know this seems like a lot of work, but I need your help Plutonium community. It is urgent that I get this information about what I should eat tonight. If you can take 2 min, not even, of your time to tell me what to eat tonight I would be grateful! Thank you Plutonium Community.

    Edit: Yeah, I'm getting burger now.

  • my mans, get the burger =p

  • @casino
    Thanks I did ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will update my post

  • i like chiken

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