Plutonium auto-force quits after I click play

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  • I just opened Plutonium after just downloading it. It automatically closes right after I click on play.

  • @AspireSenses

  • Hey there, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So, I downloaded the google drive file and as I was watching and trying to work on the "virus and threat protection" and at the 22 sec. mark the page that has the options, I don't have the same page as he does. Just to give you a little background, I just got this laptop a couple days ago and it comes with windows 10 and mcaffee for 30 days. So, I deactivated it for 30 mins. to try to finish up with the steps in the video but my layout still looks different.

  • Deactivating McAffee won't work, you need to uninstall it completely and restart your PC before launching Pluto again. Also your layout probably looks different cause McAfee's controlling it now, when its uninstalled follow the video again and it should look the same - if it still isn't, send a screenshot of what your layout looks like.

  • Sounds good man, I'll get back to you soon! Thanks for the clarification!

  • Hey guys so I tried redoing the steps in the video but it thought I had "local disk" but I only had windows(c:) that looked the closest. Instead, I retried doing the steps again in the 'how to download plutonium page' but now I'm stuck on step 4. I downloaded the plutonium file and changed the game settings to ๐Ÿ˜„ games (plutonium) but I don't know how to download the files. I'm attaching 3 files on here to show you guys the stages where I'm stuck at now. Note, the snapshot titled "Plutonium Issues 3" is the error message I get after trying to run plutonium. Plutonium Issues 3.png Plutonium Issues 2.png Plutonium Issues 1.png

  • Yeah that won't work since you're selecting your bo2 folder in game settings of IW5. Switch to BO2 mp/zm from left hand side of the launcher, then select that bo2 folder.

  • Thanks bro, it's now working for me.

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