Looking for a Crew to Train and Game

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  • Hello everyone. My name is Zenarith.... I played Black Ops 2 for several years but it's been several years since playing.
    I am terrible (I used to be good) at Call of Duty now.
    I am looking for a Crew to play COD BO2... I would like to play Team Deathmatch, Hard Core Team Deathmatch, and Free for All.

    I am hoping to find a team to gang up on people with while getting better.
    Once again, unless your good I will probably make you lose the game but I am eager to get better at the Game...

    The sad part is, I want to do this as an eSports Team, but I can't even come in top 3 against anyone anymore.

    Anyways, if your Clan/Team/Crew is recruiting and I seem like a fit, I am eager to join.

    Add me on Discord @DeltaNumaris#1717
    Add me on WhatsApp +1(902)403-6139

    My Time Zone is UTC -0400 Atlantic Time.... I play from 2pm til 9pm (Availability)

    I hope to hear back from you soon : )

  • @Zenarith
    Hello everyone, up until now I've been telling people to DM DeltaNumaris#1717...
    I forgot I changed my name...
    My Discord name is Zenarith#1717.

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