How to fix get kick to home screen while playing zombies

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  • So when I play plutonium bo2 zombies for a while like like an hour the game takes me to home screen and then when in trying to go back in by pressing the game bo2 it just flash one time and then it doesn't let get in the game so I will have to start everything over again. Do you have an idea how to fix it !! Please help me I'm loving the game so much and I was playing in high round.!!!!

  • @brostosjoined so I tryed what you said it works it doesn't kick me out to home screen but now while I'm playing for like a while the game freez for like 15 second after that the game is good it keeps happen if I'm still in the game for a kind time

    Like I was in the game for like 3hours and then it freez for 14 second like 3 times in the game

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