Classes Don't Save+Randomly disconnect

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  • Basically levels/classes don't save for me. I use the /unlockall command so unless I'm missing something after that or a command I need to put in so everything saves but my game keeps crashing and I'm tired of having to make new classes. And when I'm in a game everything will be working completely fine and then everything freezes for a minute and then the game disconnects and says "server overflow"? I have no idea what's the cause of that. It happens randomly too it seems.

  • @xD-funny It helps if you follow the instructions bud.

    • unlockall in the console

    • go into a server WITHOUT SETTING YOUR CLASSES

    • Play until the map rotates, as soon as the new map loads, you can quit.

    • Now make your classes.

    Should stick after that.

    If that fails, try going into a match at level 1 and near the end of the match do /unlockall in the console and wait for the match to end, then backout when the map rotates. Should be Max rank when the map reloads.

  • Mr.Android this still doesn't work, it will for the first time running the game however if you leave a server or if you leave the game and play later your classes will still show on create a class but in game your classes won't show. Its happening to me as well now.

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