How do I modify how much XP I get per kill

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  • Im playing tdm with bots to level up and get unlock tokens and im wondering is there a console command or something to change how much xp I get per kill so I can level up faster?

  • @brostosjoined I've already leveled up 12 times by going into the tdm playlist, typing "xpartygo" and adding 18 bots once I get into the game.. when I use those commands to change my level I don't get unlock tokens. Are you 100% sure there isn't a way to change it? I've seen servers that have done it but It must not of been a console command.

  • @novalaki
    You don't change them ingame, you change them when in menus. They just modify the amount of XP you get in general. It does not edit the xp amount per kill. You may have to use scripting for that, or better yet just do unlockall in the console to max level and everything unlocked.

  • @Pistakilla Yeah I know I have to change my prestige and xp in the menus. When I change my prestige I lose everything thats been unlocked and all my unlock tokens. When I do the unlockall command in console It automatically sets me to max prestige when I want to be prestige 15.

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