Bo2 zombies installation error

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  • So ive installed the plutonium launcher on my brothers laptop went to install the bo2 zombies on the launcher, selected a the file to install it in and the launcher says its installed, whilst I'm unable to find any of the files. Pressing "play" makes it try to launch but it says there's an error due to missing files. i cant get screenshots because its on my brothers computer so very sorry about that, send help.

  • @OhHeyItsSteven You don't download the game files with the launcher... Please follow the installation guide

  • @Cahz listen here rat boy, I have made multiple attempts in following this guide, but funny that, the guide is either outdated or the files it provides just don't work. Step 4, d o e s n t w o r k. When I try opening "pluto_t6_full_game.torrent" it comes up with an error message, saying "this file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Settings page." So either this just doesn't work, or the guide is outdated. I just wanna play some zombies with my brother mann.

  • @OhHeyItsSteven hey dumbass, you might need a way to actually use the torrent file. (UTorrent, BitTorrent, qbitTorrent).
    This is actually mentioned in STEP 2.Screenshot_1.png


  • @Cahz cunt get fucked, i dont usually do this shit and I don't remember using a torrent when I first set it up and so therefore, dont actually have the unbelievable knowledge of being able to use torrents in general.

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