Launcher problem/Problema con el launcher

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  • Hello, I downloaded the game on my pc and it works for me ... (I downloaded it according to the guide), I passed it by usb memory to my brother's pc since our internet has been very bad and it took me a week to download just mine ... when I transferred the files to his pc, I downloaded the launcher and it told me that msvcp140.dll was missing, I downloaded it and pasted it to system32 and it appeared that the dll is not compatible ... What can I do?

    Hola, yo descargue el juego en mi pc y me funciona... (lo descargue segun la guia), lo pase por memoria usb al pc de mi hermano ya que nuestro internet ha estado muy malo y me demore una semana descargando apenas el mio... cuando pase los archivos al pc de el, descargo el launcher y me dijo que falta msvcp140.dll, lo descargue lo pegue a system32 y me aparecio que el dll no es compatible... ¿Que pueo hacer?

  • @Noobygames follow da guid

  • @brostosjoined thanks, yes it worked

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