Black Ops One

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  • Hey there! I want to make a suggestion about adding Black Ops 1 to Plutonium; I'm aware that there are many cracked versions of BO1 already and that there are some modded versions but Pluto allows people to play with friends, host servers, and have fun, not only it brings an anti-cheat so players don't cheat if you play any other cracked version and you play with people literally anyone cheats and with pluto, It's easy to set up and you can already pay.

    As with WAW thread, the current price of BO1 is just too expensive and it would bring so much nostalgia, I personally grew up playing on the Xbox 360 just playing BO1 and It's great.

    I don't want this to have any priorities cause as I saw you guys will be working on WAW now but please at least consider adding BO1 to pluto/add it but focus on the main aspects first then it could be added, I'm sure many people can agree with me that this would bring a lot of players back and get them playing.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Our friends make RektT5 - so that's one of the core reasons we will not make a Pluto version. Same reason we don't compete with IW4x.

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