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  • Hi, to begin with, I don't want to generate any bad feeling, I just want to give my point of view on why I would like "Personally" to finally see a release on Plutonium based on T5 (Black Ops)

    .Please note that my English is not very good๐Ÿ˜ณ

    Recently with the announcement of Plutonium T4 (World at War) I have been very happy, as I love World at War, however, being objective, a T4 client can be a good option, however I want to expose the points of why for me a Black Ops 1 client would be a better option.

    alt text

    1. Game_Mod

    In mid 2018, a black ops mod 1 was released, called "game_mod" which you paste into your game folder (OG or not) which added the "Mods" button just like in World at War.

    However, this was released so late that at that time there were already Black Ops 3 mods and made this feature obsolete, to the point where there were only about 20 Custom Maps for Black Ops approximately.

    alt text

    However, I invite you to try one of these Custom Zombies so you can see for yourself that the quality level is much higher than in World at War, and there are few WAW Custom Zombies that compare to "Kowloon" or "Perish" being objective.

    And I think that if there was a version of Plutonium, this tool could be rediscovered and it would attract many Modders' attention, since it is much superior to the official World at War Mods support.

    And besides, you can finally use the Black Ops 1 mechanics in the Custom Zombies in the right way, like the Flopper explosion or the Dolphin Dive.

    2. "Buy the game, it's just an excuse"

    In many discussions on this topic, sometimes the answer is "Buy the game, it's just an excuse to pirate it". However for me this argument has no foundation, Black Ops is a very easily pirated game and honestly NOT worth buying.

    It's a game that has been obsolete for a decade, which on Steam costs $40, and the 4 DLC's cost $15 each. What would finally be 100 dollars, for a game which would only be played in zombie mode, since the multiplayer has no features compared to T6, for example.

    alt text

    and all the Black Ops maps except "Five" are remastered in the "Zombies Chronicles" map pack of Black Ops 3 for only 30 dollars, so that argument seems to me a bit meaningless. Of course it is not worth buying the base game, a client could give life and value to the game.

    3. "There are already other clients like GetREKT"

    Indeed, there are clients like GetREKT and I have tried it and I like it, however the servers are empty and evidently Plutonium has a much bigger community and by common sense Plutonium will have different features.

    alt text
    (The 13 players on the first server are Bots who in GetREKT are counted)

    4. Obvious characteristics of a client.

    Friends list, anticheat, different servers, and everything that applies to the clients created by Plutonium for other games of this franchise.

    5. FINAL.

    obviously now the plutonium team will be busy in T4 (World at War) and you have my full support. however, this is an idea for the future, and I hope you will consider it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I still remember when you said that World at War was never going to be launched.

    alt text

    Goodbye, I love your projects, and you are great, so I trust you and the great work you do.

  • @iAmKappy there is a t5 client called Rekt T5 and the original developer did not leave. Servers don't magically populate themselves. You need to actually join a server and wait sometimes. Invite a friend and 1v1 until bother people join. If everyone is waiting for someone else to join first, no one ever will.

  • This post is deleted!
  • The original page for RektT5 is and not that github wiki. The wiki you linked contains support and other stuff for spanish players, written by @SoyRA , who mind you - is not the creator/dev of RektT5. And SoyRA retired from the community, not the main dev. The main dev of the project is cherry/avail btw.

  • SoyRA is not the developer.

  • Just checked. The git is not public but it was last updated on the 5th of December.

  • @HannesC Fixed. Sorry.

  • I like the effort in your post but Avail (The creator of RektT5) is our friend so we do not want to spend time to ultimately compete against them. (The same reason goes for MW2 and IW4x)

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