"Awaiting Gamestate" I can't play online

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  • hi, I'm new on this (Plutonium), I have a problem when I join to a server in Zombies (is the only mode I tried but I'm still sure Multiplayer mode have the same problem) the loading screen is very low and when finally finish, a message of "Error Call of Duty Black Ops II has disconected to the server" or something like that, I have tried a lot of things and I saw I'm not the only who have this problem."

  • I have the same problem but got no idea how to fix other than reinstalling

  • How much time does it take to load the map before the error appears? Your PC probably doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run the game.

  • @HannesC Takes a lot, but the only requirement that I don't have it's on the graphics, because I have a laptop, COD BO2 needs 2gb ram and Windows 7 to run, but if I can play Arkham City, idk why I can't with this?, but I configured to the minimun and It doesn't work yet : c

  • @caylin I reinstalled the game a lot of times but I have this issue yet.

  • We don't support Windows 7 at all, just like MS, and you already had to copy random dlls off of the internet to get it running which is another big no and will cease to work soon. Also 2GB of Ram are way too little. In the end it probably is just the fact your notebook does not manage to load the map in 90 seconds..

  • My laptop has 4gb of ram and it's windows 10 so idk

  • Ye but as you told it above yourself your GPU doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run BO2, hence you can't play the game. Only solution is to upgrade your PC.


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