The Menu/In-Game freezes everytime i move my mouse.

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  • Tried to check my cpu and there is absolutely no issues
    and the priority was set on normal by default
    so yeah, help ?

  • Are you running OBS?
    Is your mouse polling rate below 125Hz?

    Did you install the game via the Steam Dedicated Server?

  • 1- i don't have OBS
    2- my mouse is not one of the razer type or gaming mouse so it's cheap and i'v tried to move my cursor using the touchpad and my graphics tablet and the issue is still the same
    3- yes the game is already installed on Steam Dedicated Server

    to give more information, the OS is Windows 7 Service pack 1 ( it's fully updated ) and tried to check some other forums that says there is an update that cause the issue and couldn't find it

    and i tried to use windowed, Windowed without borders, Fullscreen on different resolutions and it didn't work

    The Laptop's specifications is:
    Intergrated Graphics ( intel HD Graphics 620 )
    AMD radeon r7 m440
    Intel Core i7 7500U 2700MHz
    12 GB RAM DDR4

  • Decent laptop mate - we don't provide support for Windows 7 though as it's at End Of Life and all users should upgrade to Windows 10.

    If you don't want to do that, screenshot your MW3 folder and i'll use that to check if there's anything obvious but i can't provide any help other than that.

  • @Mr-Android i see it's fine
    i'll try upgrading to windows 10 if possible, thanks for the help.

  • @kravque No worries, let us know how you get on please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Welp... ugh, this is weird
    I was waiting for the next update instead of upgrading to windows 10 and,
    the problem was fixed when the new update got released and i installed it due to the changes you/the team made.

    Amazing !

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