A couple of reasons why AW should get a client

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  • Heres just a few reasons, Hopefully one day ill make a list but heres a few for now. (ofc you guys are doing WaW just think of this as a possible project after WaW)

    1. It will be the first Pluto Client that will have some form of Spec Ops Survival, which is really fun, (I believe that the peak amount of players was 12,649 according to Steam Charts https://steamcharts.com/app/209650
      However Advanced Warfare Multiplayer, if it includes Exo Survival had a peak of 35,017 players according to steam charts

    2. Exo Zombies will be a pretty unique experience for new and returning players that previously have played aw, or any other cod client looking for more.

    3. Advanced Warfare is the first "Futuristic Jump" for cod, why not relive it! (excluding supply drops ofc xd)

    4. Back to the Exo Survival case, it has a pretty interesting storyline which connects so exo zombies, as completing all the missions will give you access to the "zombies" in exo Survival.

    If you have more ideas please tell me. This is what i can come up with on the spot.

  • Personal opinion: Futuristic CoD was, is and will continue to be trash.

  • @Kitchen-Gun don't think it has mod support, so mod support is what you could add. dedicated servers too if it doesn't have it either. plutonium can also fix any bugs the steam version has.

  • @Kitchen-Gun Now I'm not staff, but I'd imagine the amount of work required wouldn't be worth it because of the tiny playercount for these games. Sure they may have had 12,000+ online at one point in time, but that day is not today.

    Advanced Warfare's player base is so small compared to the Call Of Duty games supported by Plutonium.
    We're talking less than 100 unique players on AW at any given point. (now we also have to assume not all those players will switch to Plutonium)
    If you compare Black Ops 2, there's 500 unique players on the Steam version as I'm writing this post. None of these players are on Plutonium and T6 Plutonium has been available for quite awhile.
    Same goes for MW3. Pretty much the same numbers.
    And with World at War, there's already more players online than both MW3 and BO2.

    Comparatively the value WAW brings to Plutonium is significantly higher than what AW would bring.
    AW was just not liked by most Call Of Duty players...

  • Biggest point against AW is that if we tried to, it would be a one way ticket to ATVI sending legal teams to us - AW is very much supported from a business point of view.

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