Game Crash

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  • Hi im having a problem with everytime i play a custom game or online game my game just freezes loading in. I will say this in the past ive played plutioum and i had no problems until it stopped working randomly The crash dump is Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x6373224F please help

  • Hi,
    in order to help us help you we need quite a lot of information:

    • What where you doing when the game crashed?
    • Which map and game mode where you playing?
    • Do you have any mods installed?
    • In case you crashed on zombies, which difficulty did you play on?
    • Do you have any overclocks applied?
    • Do you have any DirectX overlays?
    • What Exception Code did you get?
    • What Exception Address did it show?
    • The dump file (check %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium\crashdumps)
  • @Xerxes So I clicked on the Server then it just crashes on the map page so then after 30 seconds it just says I disconnected from online services and Ik what your gonna say my pc is shit when Pluto did work I was playing on normal quality with 60 Fps with no screen tearing or anything I don’t have any mods installed the same thing happens with zombies I have no direct x overlays or any overclock on

  • @keerroo said in Game Crash:

    disconnected from online services

    This is a network issue on your end, nothing we can do. Try to use ethernet instead of wifi or try using a completely different internet connection.

  • alright ill see if anything changes thanks for the help

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