Client Command Overflow

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  • I use plutonium to play on Vekay's trickshotting servers but I can only play for about 2-3 minutes before I get kicked out of the game and recieve this message, "Client command overflow." I don't know what it means or why I am getting this error. It completely ruins the game for me. I hit a stinky billcam yesterday and got this "client command overflow" message before i could watch the killcam.

  • @StevnYT So we've looked around and it seems like this happens on other servers without mods too, but it is still possible it's something we are doing. Either way, it has something to do with your PC being bad or internet being bad too. No way to really fix it because this happens to a small amount of people.

    Only tips I can really give is to:

    • Reboot your internet (router)
    • Reboot your PC
    • If not working in step 1-2, then wait a hour or two and then try to connect.
  • @StevnYT Click on the link to this topic ( concerning the same error. There are other recommendations that may help you, in addition to @mikey's ones.

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