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  • two questions here, does anyone know the correct command to make a landing in the middle of the round to put it in the middle of the gsc script already tried several ways but it doesn't work, I want to change the value of some intems and perks in the middle of the round but it won't , second question, I can't get dinhero pro played in round 5 : example if (level.round_number> = 5 && self.score <500)
    self.score = 500;

  • @GAMEX For my sanity, would you try to reword this a bit better and I could possibly help here?

    About the round 5 thing, are you wanting it to look like this?

    if (level.round_number >= 5 && self.score < 500)
       self.score = 500;
  • @mikey yes this is the way I showed it doesn’t work well, I wanted that when it gets to round 5 the player gets 500 points

  • @GAMEX You mean after 5 round the game will give +500?
    This function will work only when game reach round 5

    while(level.round_number < 5) wait 0.01;
    self.score += 500;
  • @Sorex thanks

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